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Berlin, 03.05.2007: Limited sporting ability is for losers - at least in Speedball 2. In the latest in-game footage teaser, Frogster shows spectacular scenes from the forthcoming cult futuristic sports game Speedball 2, now under development at Kylotonn under the supervision of veteran game developer Mike Montgomery (The Bitmap Brothers). The teaser presents a short look at the impressive scenes from the trailer that Frogster will release in May 2007.

Spectacular mp4

Speedball 2 will be released in Q3 2007. Newly released for PC it will transform the futuristic game setting into a vibrant online sporting spectacular using state of the art technology. With international leagues, a worldwide ranking system and a virtual market place, Speedball 2 will tick all the boxes for a modern multiplayer action game. Fully customizable characters ranging from cyborg to amazon, dynamically changing sports battles and endless community support will inspire enthusiasts of sports, action and e-sports alike. For more information visit A newsletter about the game provides exclusive information corncerning every step of the development progress. Subscribers regularly receive news, previously unpublished material and access to competitions. If you want to be kept up-todate with Speedball 2, register now on

The work of Taklift 6, a huge 125 metre tall floating crane capable of lifting 1,200 tonnes, provided another spectacular moment of engineering on this scale. In just two months the crane had put in place the temporary steel, first deck sections and the range of other equipment on each of the three main towers. The progress made this year really helps everyone visualise what the final bridge will look like and demonstrates an inspiring example of civil engineering coming off the drawing board and into real life.

In addition to the cutting-edge light show at Burj Khalifa by Emaar, there will be a spectacular firework display above Dubai to welcome the new year. Since 2010, the renowned pyrotechnic display has been an integral part of the UAE's world-famous New Year's Eve celebrations, and 2022 will be no exception.

His fundamental research in the field of emerging organizational models has been described as ground-breaking, brilliant, spectacular, impressive, and world changing by some of the most respected scholars in the field of human development.

Beacons is new 45 minute site-specific work for acoustic instruments, electronics and ocean with the musicians set on North Burleigh Headland, and the audience gathered around firepits on the beach. This is an immersive sonic meditation exploring the fluid boundaries of the coastline. Led by percussionist Vanessa Tomlinson and sound artist Lawrence English, featuring 15 leading Brisbane musicians collaborating with musicians from the Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University. This new Australia Council commissioned work, pushes beyond the spectacular vista of the coast, offering a sensorial experience of little Burleigh Heads. 041b061a72