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Greyson Hill
Greyson Hill

Flatland Full Movie Hd 1080p ^NEW^

When recording video in low light and using higher sensitivities the image gets noisier. This is of course what you would expect, but the EOS 1D Mark IV does quite well in this respect, and due to the smaller image sizes in video mode compared to stills the noise never becomes really intrusive until the ultra-high ISO settings (realistically, ISO 25,600 and higher). When capturing video in the lower resolution 720p mode we also noticed some oversharpening and 'jaggies' on some scene elements, but it's a really minor issue, and only become noticeable when individual frames are viewed (or the video footage is viewed in slow motion). The effect is not noticeable at the full 1080p resolution.

Flatland Full Movie Hd 1080p


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