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Ayitha Ezhuthu: Watch the Tamil Political Action Movie Online in HD Quality

Ayitha Ezhuthu: A Political Thriller That Changed Tamil Cinema


Tamil cinema is known for its rich variety of genres, themes and styles. From romance to comedy, from action to drama, from fantasy to realism, Tamil movies have something for everyone. But one genre that has been relatively less explored in Tamil cinema is political thriller. Political thrillers are movies that deal with issues of power, corruption, justice and violence in the context of politics and society. They often feature complex plots, suspenseful twists, moral dilemmas and social commentary.

Ayitha Ezhuthu movie full movie in tamil hd 1080p

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One of the most acclaimed and influential political thrillers in Tamil cinema is Ayitha Ezhuthu (2004), written and directed by Mani Ratnam. The movie is inspired by the Mexican film Amores Perros (2000), which tells three interconnected stories through a car accident. Ayitha Ezhuthu also uses a similar narrative device, but sets it in Chennai and focuses on three different men who are involved in a shooting incident on a bridge. The movie explores how their lives are changed by this event and how they are connected to each other and to the larger political scenario.

What is Ayitha Ezhuthu?

Ayitha Ezhuthu is a Tamil word that means "three dots". It is also the name of a letter in the Tamil alphabet, ஃ, which is used as a diacritic mark to modify the sound of other letters. The title of the movie refers to the three main characters, who are represented by three different colors: red, blue and green. The movie also uses these colors to create a distinct visual style and mood for each story.

Who are the main characters and actors?

The three main characters of Ayitha Ezhuthu are:

  • Michael Vasanth (played by Suriya), a charismatic student leader who wants to enter politics and fight against corruption. He is in love with Geetha (played by Esha Deol), his neighbor and childhood friend. He represents the color red, which symbolizes passion, courage and revolution.

  • Inba Sekar (played by Madhavan), a violent goon who works for Selvanayagam (played by Bharathiraja), a powerful politician who wants to eliminate his rivals. He is married to Sashi (played by Meera Jasmine), whom he abuses and neglects. He represents the color blue, which symbolizes violence, sadness and oppression.

  • Arjun Balakrishnan (played by Siddharth), a carefree and spoiled son of an IAS officer who wants to migrate to the US for a better future. He falls in love with Meera (played by Trisha Krishnan), a radio jockey who inspires him to change his outlook on life. He represents the color green, which symbolizes youth, hope and change.

The movie also features other supporting actors such as Karthi, Suchitra, R.S. Shivaji, Sindhu Shyam, Sriman and T.S. Suresh.

What is the plot of the movie?

The plot of Ayitha Ezhuthu revolves around a shooting incident that takes place on Napier Bridge in Chennai. The incident involves Michael, Inba and Arjun, who are strangers to each other but whose lives are intertwined by fate. The movie follows their stories before and after the incident and shows how they are affected by it.

The movie begins with Inba shooting Michael on his bike, resulting in him falling off the bridge into the water below. This is witnessed by Arjun, who was chasing Meera after proposing to her on the road. The movie then goes into a flashback mode and shows how each character reached that point.

Michael is an influential student leader who wants to contest in college elections and challenge Selvanayagam's dominance in politics. He faces opposition from Inba, who is hired by Selvanayagam to intimidate him and his supporters. Michael also has to deal with his relationship with Geetha, who wants him to stay away from politics for his safety.

Inba is a ruthless goon who works for Selvanayagam as his hitman. He has no qualms about killing or hurting anyone for money or power. He has a troubled marriage with Sashi, whom he beats regularly and forces her to abort their child. He also has a rivalry with Guna (played by Karthi), his brother-in-law who works for another politician.

Arjun is a rich and spoiled brat who has no aim or ambition in life. He wants to go to the US for higher studies but fails to get admission due to his poor grades. He meets Meera at a pub and falls in love with her at first sight. He tries to woo her with his charm and money but she rejects him initially.

The movie then returns to the present day and shows how the shooting incident affects each character's life. Michael survives the fall but loses his memory temporarily. He recovers with Geetha's help but faces threats from Selvanayagam's men who want to finish him off. He decides to fight back and expose Selvanayagam's corruption.

Inba escapes from the scene but is chased by Guna's men who want revenge for killing their boss. He also faces pressure from Sashi who wants him to leave his criminal life and start afresh elsewhere. He realizes his mistakes but finds it hard to change his ways.

Arjun saves Meera from being hit by Inba's car during the chase. He takes her to his house where he confesses his love for her again. She accepts him after seeing his genuine concern for her. He also decides to stay back in India and join Michael's campaign against Selvanayagam.

The movie ends with a climax where Michael confronts Selvanayagam at his office while Inba tries to stop him from killing him. Arjun arrives with Meera and helps Michael escape from Inba's attack. Inba shoots at Michael but misses him and hits Selvanayagam instead, killing him instantly. Inba then surrenders himself to the police while Michael celebrates his victory with Geetha and Arjun celebrates his love with Meera.


How does the movie portray different aspects of politics and society?