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Share Experience To Play Yellow Card Betting in Football

Among the numerous types of football betting available today, yellow card betting is favored by many. This type of bet not only offers an engaging gameplay but also boasts incredibly enticing odds. In this article, Wintips will shed light on yellow card betting and provide insights into mastering this type of bet!

What are the odds in yellow card betting?

Yellow card betting is a form of side bet in football betting that many people enjoy at various bookmakers. This type of bet is also known by different names such as Total Bookings, Yellow Card Bet, Red Card Bet, and more.

When participating in yellow card betting, players will need to predict the number of yellow and red cards that will appear in a match. Therefore, regardless of the win or loss result of the two football teams, it will not affect the outcome of this type of bet.

Because of this, yellow card betting has become an attractive option for many, especially newcomers. These bets are relatively easy to predict and can be based on the nature of the game, the players need watch dark web betting tips involved, the history of head-to-head matchups, and more, allowing for more accurate decisions.

Various basic types of odds in yellow card football betting

To enhance the player experience, bookmakers have introduced a wide array of different forms of yellow card betting. Each form has its own gameplay and unique exciting points.

Here are some of the most common types of yellow card betting in football betting:

Asian Handicap Yellow Card Betting

This type of betting operates similarly to Asian Handicap odds for the entire match. There will be a favorite and an underdog team. The way bookmakers set the Asian Handicap yellow card bet allows players to compare the number of yellow cards between the two teams. Additionally, the number of cards will be based on the final result of the entire match.

Asian Handicap Yellow Card Bets are divided into bets for the first half and bets for the entire match, as follows:

There are odds for yellow card handicap and red card handicap.

The handicap odds are set by bookmakers and can fluctuate during the match.

Yellow and red cards will only be counted during the match and for the players participating. Cards given to the coaching staff are not considered.

Red cards will count as 2 points, while yellow cards count as 1 point.

The full match yellow card handicap bet is denoted as FT, and the first half bet is denoted as HT